Kiss_sdl - Simple universal GUI widget toolkit for SDL


No, it was useful to show any interest. There is nothing otherwise, even in GitHub there is only the number of views, and “unique views”, no number of downloads or anything, and that too is hidden from the viewer. The developer actually wants to know how much the software is used, should be evident because who writes some software, does it for others to use, makes no sense to do it otherwise. And how much people reply or write about it, as i said, evidently doesn’t well indicate how much they use it.

Thank you for asking, i think it is an important problem, i think there should be ways to get from people more feedback about the software they use. Say like SDL, if you read this forum, there are mostly posts about what bugs they found or what problems they had when using SDL. But what was good for them in SDL, it is difficult to find it out anywhere.


Let me figure out how to manually bump the view count, I might be able to adjust this. I’m not sure how to map these numbers to older ones (Discourse won’t count it as a new view if the same person comes back within 8 hours, views on the mailing list weren’t counted, etc), but we can probably just inflate it a little and then let it grow organically from there.


Thank you. I think the view counts can be calculated from some logs, including the unique views, though this is a bit more difficult. This i think is what the developers are the most interested in, like the unique views in GitHub graphs.
kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2


I bumped it up to 1,000 just to see if I could.

I haven’t figured out how to adjust the number of clicks listed next to a URL, but this makes this by far the most viewed topic on the site now, so it should at least let people know that their eyes should wander towards it.

When I have time, I’m going to try to extract view counts from the old forum database, and will add it to current view counts.

(Note to future Ryan, in the Rails console…

Topic.find_by(id: 21675).update(views: 1000)

…gets the job done.)


The following is a quote from an email, i cannot write here emails sent to me, but this person gave me an explicit permission to quote his email here. He could start to use kiss_sdl in one hour, but i think only an experienced programmer is capable of that, the others need more time for learning. But i hope that this gives some idea about how difficult it is to learn and use, all is basically about how well one knows some general things such as C. And when not well, then learning it would improve that knowledge, so it’s not a time or effort wasted.

Just to give some idea of the impression of other people, otherwise one may as well think that no one uses it, or all who use it, hate it a lot. When someone sends me an email saying that he hates it, then i will quote that email here as well, but i got no such yet.

I see you are not as active as you once were, and maybe this mail address is not in use anymore, but i wanted to thank you for the awesome work you have done with kiss_sdl and to let you know that i’ve just set it up in my project (

KISS is easy to read and easy to understand, I dont really like your coding style standards but thats just my tastes :smiley: I’ve been able to set it all up in less than one hour and modify some internals without any problem, neat…

As you may see, user interface has to be simple, even when the background is advanced, so that it will not interfere with the image. This screenshot does not show much that kiss_sdl is capable of, and it was also not necessary.

kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2

Journey to create a game engine with C++ / SDL2. Great, updated resources?

I made a zip file below of building the kiss_sdl example2 for Android with full instructions of how to build it for Android. It worked fine for me, hope it also works for you. I cannot add more about Android to the project, as building for Android is not only about makefile, it is also about directory structure, etc.

Also there are two branches in GitHub, master and testing. In the testing branch there are the latest changes, such as High DPI support, TextInput switching, and deleting text in the entry box by clicking, necessary for Android. The master branch is stable with the last change made 10 months ago, and no issues found since then.

kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2


A version for Android is now in the kiss_sdl branch android, with full instructions how to build it for Android. The source code was all taken from the kiss_sdl testing branch. You should use the latest stable Android NDK r14b or later, and get it from GitHub, not from the zip file above, as this will not work with the latest NDK.

kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2

Thin "framework" for cross-platform SDL

The kiss_sdl GitHub project was taken down by justadot’s DCMA complaint because of the file that was not in the GitHub repository, but was in the Amazon Drive GitHub storage, as much as i know, all links to it were deleted many days ago and this file was not accessible from anywhere, a file in the cloud accessible only by me. Was put there by the request of justadot who asked here help to build his program for Android, before he claimed copyright violation. What there was or was not his/her copyright, i don’t know, and also justadot lied in the DMCA complaint “I alone created the code at the provided link”, as there was code added by me and also configuration files written by me, how else could i build it for Android, even try to do that without changing anything. But i have not claimed copyright to that written by me in that file.

But you don’t have to suffer, kiss_sdl is now temporarily at .

As long as my original repository will hopefully be restored, if ever. It had 64 stars and 12 clones and this thread here had 87 000 views in the previous SDL development forum, and even in the new forum it is the most viewed thread with over 800 unique views, even not considering the “gifted” 1000 views :slight_smile:

Thank you for your understanding, continue using , nothing has changed, and i hope nothing more will be done against me and my code, though i cannot be sure. Thanks again to all the users and others who are interested, you are great, and this open source GUI toolkit remains to be there, no matter what.


Wow, that’s seriously messed up. @Eric_Wing, why did you suggest a DMCA takedown to this moron again? You, sir, lose one Internet.

@justadot, do you realize how serious this is? A DMCA takedown is a “warning shot” right in the knee. You should never send one unless you are literally ready and willing to sue someone over this if they push back. But now you’ve put yourself in a very bad position. DMCA takedown notices are filed under penalty of perjury, which means you’ve literally committed a crime in your infantile crusade to force people who were giving you help that you asked for to bend to your will.

Also, have you ever heard about the Streisand Effect? I assume not, or you wouldn’t have done this. You really ought to look it up. The SDL community is built around and strongly committed to open-source principles. When you attack one of us in this way, you’re picking a fight with all of us. And all over… what? Something you admitted was your very first app, something you’re so inexperienced at that you couldn’t even set up the dev environment? And when people take time out of their lives to hold your hand and walk you through the process, this is the thanks they get? Legal attacks and the destruction of their projects?

You are a monster. Leave here and never come back. This is your one and only warning.


[Mason_Wheeler] Mason_Wheeler
June 28

Wow, that’s seriously messed up. @Eric_Wing, why did you suggest a DMCA
takedown to this moron again? You, sir, lose one Internet.

@justadot, do you realize how
serious this is? A DMCA takedown is a “warning shot” right in the knee.

actsl could have just taken down his copy of justadot’s code when asked
to. The demand was kinda silly (who cares about that code anyway), but
legitimate; refusing to do it was even sillier.
Even after DMCA takedown has been discussed as a possibility, actsl
didn’t back down, so this shouldn’t really come as a surprise now, even
if it seems to have affected the wrong repo.

You are a monster. Leave here and never come back. This is your one and
only warning.

I don’t think you’re in a position to tell anyone to leave this
community, and vague threats about “only warning” make it even worse.



Did you see the discussion? It was pretty clear that this wasn’t very feasible due to technical reasons.

No, there’s no legitimacy in trying to undo the act of freely sharing something. Especially when it’s for the purpose of solving a problem that many people encounter. He was basically saying “now that this is resolved, I got mine; screw anyone else who might run into this issue in the future, and here, have a live hand grenade for your troubles.” That’s thuggery and there is zero legitimacy in it.


It is not that i didn’t back down. I removed all the links to that file so it was not accessible to anyone. But this was not enough, he/she demanded that i remove it. I tried to find out how i can delete that file. I also never said that i don’t want to delete the file, i clearly wrote that i cannot delete that file. Then they sent me an email from GitHub, saying that there is no way how i can delete it, it was a file uploaded for comments and such, it was not a repository file. Then i requested GitHub to delete the file and asked them to reply to me whether they will remove the file, so far GitHub has not responded. There is nothing more i can do, at least by now.


For the record, my threat wasn’t at all vague. It was very specific, in fact: I mentioned the Streisand Effect one paragraph up. To anyone who knows what that is, it’s pretty specific and directly applicable to this situation. And anyone who doesn’t really needs to learn before they go around doing something like this on the Internet.


I don’t think any amount of warning will actually act as a control of the Streisand Effect, if that was the intention. I also think such an effect is limited by the significance of the information. In this case, the files are of negligible significance.

Jonny D


Could you be more clear please? Did you want to say that my project is of negligible significance, or that the justadot’s files were of negligible significance? The latter is not relevant in that matter at all, doesn’t lessen the consequences of what happened at all.


My comment was only in regards to the Streisand Effect pertaining to justadot’s files. I didn’t imply anything further.


sorry, I thought it was my code. A GitHub employee who replied to my request about my project1 code to be taken down said this other link were forks from my project. I really didn’t know , didn’t look at the link as I assumed he knew what he was talking about.

Don’t be mad at Eric he was the one who has helped me the most and I’m able to port to blurrr alone next time.
Won’t be back at this forum at least as it seems too full of drama , funny I thought men didn’t like creating unnecessary drama ?

Thanks also Daniel and Jonny for your help.


justadot, when you look at things better, then you may notice that you create drama. The drama is not outside of you, but you create it.


So you pulled the trigger on a gun without verifying what it was aiming at. But we’re supposed to think it’s all OK because someone else said it was aimed right?

Because that’s what a DMCA takedown is. It’s a weapon. It’s a destructive act whose only purpose is to delete content. You don’t appear to realize what a serious thing you did. There’s a reason DMCA takedowns are filed under penalty of perjury: when you point that gun at the wrong target, innocent people get hurt!

This is a very quiet, drama-free place for the most part. There wasn’t any around here until someone went legal and attacked a popular community project. And “men” weren’t the ones who did that.

But men will circle the wagons when under attack, because the next attack could be on one of the rest of us and we’d want the others to help us out. That’s something you ought to keep in mind, for future reference.


Am I going to get in trouble for the fork take down ? I didn’t know ! It was a first mistake, thought it was a fork from my project like the GitHub employee said.