Kiss_sdl - Simple universal GUI widget toolkit for SDL


I’m going to be that one post that just gets ignored, but let’s leave the attack person X because of Y out of the SDL community. The repo has been forked, nothing was actually lost, everything is fine.

I think we all agree the DMCA thing was a mistake - maybe a big one, but it’s fine. Obviously there’s some degree of inexperience and newness, so let’s not sour the entire community over it.

There is no point on having a fight when all we’re doing is rehashing what’s already happened, and especially when some of this conversation is very threatening.

Goes back to his quiet hole.


My project was taken down because of “misidentification” and i’m not going to think it’s ok. The same i think the other people whose forks were taken down, and who had nothing to do with it whatsoever. This is not ok.


Never mind. Deleted my last post. They did not take it down, I just got another email from GitHub in which they said they can’t take it down as I need to identify each fork individually etc. Will leave it now.


actsl, just in case you didn’t know, you can submit a DMCA counter notice. Github will restore the taken-down code after 10-14 days if whoever submitted the original DMCA notice doesn’t take legal action. I’d recommend reading the page on github and/or other reputable resources in case I’m not entirely correct.


This, and several other things said here, are completely unacceptable.

I’m disappointed about how everyone acted here, and twice as disappointed that everyone seems to think that they were the reasonable party.

I regret that I tuned out of the discussion thinking there was a robust converstion about Android build environments going on and not whatever this turned out to be. I don’t want to play nanny, and I’ll thank you to not put me in this position again.

I’m not asking anyone to apologize here, but if this conversation continues, I will lock the thread and ban the appropriate users. So let’s all agree to drop it.

If you want to keep discussing kiss_sdl here, please feel free to use this topic for it’s original intention. I’m going to lock the other topic, as any further discussion value there is probably a total loss.

Do better next time, everyone.


Thank you for helping me. I certainly did it immediately after the claim. This is done under oath, as a witness in a court of law. It is like being in a court of law, every word can be used against you, and so is the person who made the notice. And at all that, my project is still down.


Sorry. I suppose that was a bit over the top.

The thing is, I don’t believe in DMCA takedowns. The basic concept is blatantly unconstitutional, and in practice they tend to be abused for stupid crap like this, rather than their intended purpose of stopping piracy, far too often. So when someone came and filed a false takedown against a valued member of our community, knocking the project offline… I kinda saw red.

I’ll try to do better in the future.


Thank you for your support Mason, and i agree with you, but as it was said, please anyone don’t talk about that in this thread no more.

Btw, GitHub now refused to delete the file which caused all the DMCA claim, because as GitHub confirmed i cannot remove it, so i were in an impossible situation, requested to do which i no way couldn’t do, and getting hurt because i didn’t do what was requested. As i said, i removed all links to that file and made it unavailable to anyone days before the claim was made, but that was not enough for the claimant, he/she insisted deleting it.

Kiss_sdl -- Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2

I remind you again here in the end, where hopefully everyone can see, that the new repository of kiss_sdl is now at .

This repository has the exact copies of the master and testing branch of the original repository, the android branch, i am not sure whether this is the latest version. GitHub promised to un-disable the original repository today, yet it was not done, the repository is still disabled and no response from GitHub even to my reminder today. GitHub checked the new repository, found that it contains no copyrighted material, and refused to disable it, in spite that it was asked to disable that repository too. Sorry for any inconvenience, thank you all who still use kiss_sdl, i also hope that you have fun using it.
kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2


Changes were made to kiss_makefile and for SDL2-2.0.5 in both master and testing branches, for these who had trouble building with SDL2-2.0.5 MinGW version before. No changes made for Visual Studio, so make the changes written in to build with SDL2-2.0.5.
kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2


Takedown of the repository appeared to be a mistake, the issue attachment file is deleted, the kiss_sdl repository is now back at . The repository is good and up to date.
kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2