Kobo Deluxe 0.4-pre5

This one’s almost ready to become the official 0.4. The last few works in
progress are stabilizing, and OpenGL rendering might even be enabled by
default in 0.4! (Only bidirectional tiling left to do for 100% correct
rendering of Kobo Deluxe on all cards.)

There are various improvements, some portability fixes, and the
beginnings of a cleaner user interface:


ChangeLog entry:

    * New versioning rules introduced;
            * Any -preX suffix should *always* be included
              in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE().
            * No more development snapshots - every package
              released has a version number of it's own,
              with a -preX suffix if appropriate.
    * Surface leak when reloading graphics fixed.
    * gfxengine_t::unload() now takes -1 (default) for
      unloading all banks.
    * gfxengine_t::unload() also destroys SoFont objects!
    * Void pointer arithmetics and some bogus braces fixed.
      (Thanks, Riki!)
    * Moved sound effects out into files. (Raw format for
      now, as WAV doesn't support signed 8 bit data...)
    * Minor sound code cleanups.
    * bgmfile.[ch] removed. (Used to be Linux only anyway...)
    * config_parser_t created. (prefs_t is now derived from
      that class, and contains no parsing code whatsoever.)
      Also eliminates duplication of "command" decoding for
      non-config stuff like -showcfg, -debug and -fps.
    * SDL_VIDEOEXPOSE is *finally* at least handled! :-)
    * Removed gcc-only compiler flags and fixed other stuff
      that caused trouble with some compilers. (Thanks to
      Andreas Sp?ngberg for the Solaris patch!)
    * Menu and state code cleaned up a little.
    * Configuration menu split up into Video, Audio,
      Controls and Game.
    * ct_list_t now interprets change(0) (ie button press
      or similar) as change(1), rather than just ignoring

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