Kobo Deluxe? Kobo Redux!

In case anyone wonders what happened to Kobo Deluxe, it has been replaced by Kobo Redux, which has been available on itch.io for a while.

Further, Kobo Redux was Greenlit recently. However, there are legal issues preventing the current version from going on Steam, and technical reasons why substantial refactoring is needed. To deal with these problems, I’ve decided to remove the offending code, and replace it, part with new C++ code, part with EEL script.

As a bonus of pulling in EEL, I’ll be able to grab the GUI, input configuration dialogs and whatnot from Kobo II, and also make the game more accessible for modding.


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Kobo Deluxe can do time strech in audio? acelerate the speed whitout change sounds caracteristics, in other words… I need speed sound, keeping , like timestrech, your caracteristics… I’m use pitch, but my problem is, it becomes sound more acute… Thanks…

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The only “interesting” part of Kobo Deluxe is the offline modular synthesis. The real time engine pretty much only has basic sample playback with ordinary resampling, for playing sound effects and MIDI music.

Kobo Redux and Kobo II (Audiality 2) can “sort of” do it by implementing the sounds through real time synthesis (the way it’s done in the games), so that you can control pitch and timing (and anything else you want) individually. That’s technically superior to any time stretch algorithms, but obviously only works for true synthesis - not recorded or pre-rendered samples.

I suppose you could implement basic time stretching in A2 through scripted granular synthesis (a simple approach that can work surprisingly well in some cases), but there’s no built-in support for time stretching in the engine.

(Proper time stretching is a really complex problem, and it wasn’t realistically possible to do well in real time back when I was working on this. Might be worth revisiting for game audio now, though, especially if one can perform the analysis part off-line, to reduce the real time CPU load.)