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I’m working in VC 6.0 WIN2000, and I want to use SDL_VIDEO to load BMP
file as turial shows.



You need to escape the backslash, like so: “c:\1.bmp”. BTW, most Windows
file functions seem to be quite happy dealing with forward slashes, so
"c:/1.bmp" probably works as well, and you don’t need to escape anything.
I prefer using relative paths and only the slash (as in
"data/image.tga"), it avoids addind an OS specific ‘feature’ without
need (of course if absolute paths are required…). In linux for example
data\image.tga is a valid filename (it’s not a file called image.tga
inside the subdirectory data), and I can’t recall last time I had
trouble over using a slash instead of a backslash in windows. And of
course that stands for including headers, too.
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