Finally we managed to setup a webpage:

What is libuta?

 libuta is a Graphical User Interface library for C++ that uses SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) as its output
 layer. It allows application and game programmers to put together portable graphical applications easily.
 libuta has a range of already implemented widgets and uses libsigc++ as a signal dispatching system. It
 also performs resource management and has a sound system.
 Font rendering is supported using FreeType, with prerendered characters, hence text can be blitted as fast
 as a bitmap font with all the benefits of scalable TrueType fonts.
 The widgets include labels, single/multi line edit boxes, push/toggle buttons, list boxes, animation playback
 widgets (using SMPEG), progress dialogs and standard dialogs. Animated mouse cursors that can change
 their appearance depending on the position of the mouse are easily supported, and creating one's own
 widgets from scratch or by combining others is quickly done through use of inheritance. 

We plan to release a stable version (0.4.0) soon.–
Karsten-O. Laux (@Karsten_Laux)

Finally we managed to setup a webpage:

Hey, it looks very nice. The UClient screenshots are great! :slight_smile:

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