Linux Bluetooth GameController. Can you help test?

My SDL2 Project on windows works with both BT paired controllers and USB controllers.
The same code on Linux only seems to fire controller connect and button events for USB paired controllers.

On my linux machine I checked with evtest, Looked in /dev/input/ both the event and JS0 are there identical to when the controller is USB. with correct read permissions.
I tested on this site:
Both USB and BT controllers paired in linux work just as expected on the test website. They don’t even appear in my SDL2 project though.

Is the GameController implementation on linux only expecting USB controllers?
Anyone else have any experiance with bluetooth paired controllers on linux using GameController API?

So I decided to test against SDL1.2 using the testjoystick included in both SDL2 and SDL1.2 test.
Wireless DS4 Paired through bluetooth.

SDL-1.2.15/test$ ./testjoystick

There are 1 joysticks attached
Joystick 0: Wireless Controller
axes: 8
balls: 0
hats: 0

SDL2-2.0.3/test$ ./testjoystick

INFO: There are 0 joysticks attached

This is a problem that needs to be looked at. I will update my bug report with this information as well. I don’t know how the mailing lists work since I have never used them before.