Linux Super key combo gets double KEYDOWN


I am getting 2xSDL_KEYDOWN message on Super(window)-? key combo on linux, and only on super/windows key combo.

For example, Super+’/’ gets two messages with the same key combo causing me to act on it twice. All symbols on the right hand side of my keyboard ([];’,./) have the same problem. Other Super key combos are linux shortcuts which I don’t get message cos I have’t disabled these shortcuts but that’s not the issue here.

On macOS is fine though, not tried it on Windows 10 cos I’m not using SDL on Windows.

SYSTEM: Linux mint 19.1
SDL: 2.0.9
Compiler: gcc 7.?

Is this a bug?

Jason Tai

Does the second one have event.key.repeat set? I ask because I’m chasing the same problem. You probably don’t want key repeat for shortcuts anyway…