List all GUI toolkits for SDL


Also GWork. Skinnable. Good widget set.


Sparks wrote:

Number of lines in the code base no way equates to the quality of the library itself, it is a meaningless metric to use just to compare the libraries by LOC, unless you are comparing libraries that do the exact same thing.

Thank you!!! Whats that obsession with lines of code? Is it 1970 again?


This is a general theoretical question, i created a thread to discuss questions like these Does complexity matter (in general and in GUI) , it’s better to talk there, as this is not really about any particular GUI toolkit.


I am making HorusUI (an imgui lib for tool making)


There is now also AGAR 1.5.0 for SDL 2.0.8.

SDL AGAR Announcement


I’ve just release the first version of bogue:

This is a GUI library written from scratch in SDL2, suitable for games or desktop applications.
(still under development). Probably not so interesting for many of you because it targets the ocaml language. (which, by the way, is a great language, very safe and really fun to code)

See the demo video:


I’ve got mine, see
It either uses software rendering or uses a rather exotic OpenCL renderer. It’s optionally markup-based, it has an editor, it has floating windows, text editing fields with undo, it has buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, knobs with value editing and mathematical expression parsing, dropdown menus, a mouse-guided infinite zoom scrolling mode (everything is on an infinite plane, unless it’s a window that is pinned to the screen, you can move and zoom around with the cursor stuck in the centre), dithered floating point graphics, tiled mipmap-based picture displaying, and some weird stuff like being able to insert anything (like GUI elements) inside text as if it were a character (I like to insert text fields inside text, like in the second screenshot). Also it’s all scalable, not bitmap-based, and antialiased. See for an example project, the code for it is really small and simple.