Low quality texture in one texture

Hi, I’m having a little trouble with some texture.
All the textures are loaded with SDL_Image and just one texture is pixelated.
Thta image is bigger than displayed and even the image is draw with low quality.
See the image:
Captura de tela_2021-06-10_08-22-19
This image below is the original:

I used the:
But it doesnt change that fish sprite.

It’s necessary to set the hint before the texture is created. Are you doing that?

Yes, I do! The quality changes a little but that fish sprites stays at same low quality rendering.
Any other idea to me do?
The code of load image is just a simple code with IMG_Load and after convert the surface to texture.

I solved the problem!
Just resize the original image to a size nearly to the size of sprite at the screen and the quality was held.
Thank you.

I thought you had to set the hint before the renderer was created.

No, that would make it impossible to render with different quality scaling to the same target. Here’s the same image rendered twice to the same target at half-size: at the top using “best” scaling and at the bottom using “nearest” scaling, setting the hint just before creating the texture each time:

With SDL 2.0.14 (.15?) you can directly set the filtering mode for textures (SDL_SetTextureScaleMode())

Thank you for the infos!