[Mac OS X] Migrating an existing project to SDL => includepaths


A few weeks ago, id Software Open Sourced Quake 3: Arena. We at the
Q3Base project have forked Quake 3: Arena and are adding a lot of SDL
replacement code (texture loading through SDL_image, networking through
SDL_net, etc).

Because Quake 3 also runs on Mac OS X, we also have an OS X port to
maintain. I’ve opened the Xcode project made by id Software on my
PowerBook and added all the needed frameworks to my project, but I still
have a problem related to includepaths.

At the top of one of the SDL-ified files, I have this line:

| #include <SDL_net.h>

For some reason, Xcode can’t find this file. This works though:

| #include <SDL_net/SDL_net.h>

Because SDL_net.h includes some other files, this still breaks our

I’ve already tried to add the directory with the header files to our
includepath, but it still doesn’t work.

Is there a known fix for this problem?

Ed Schouten <@Ed_Schouten>
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