macOS 10.15 new permission prompts


Has anyone tried their SDL programs on macOS 10.15 beta and did it ask you for permissions? I tried with the SDL2 version of my program Photosounder and it gives me this:

The SDL 1.2 version of my program doesn’t seem to require that. Is anybody else getting this too and is there a way to suppress this? It’s inconvenient and I don’t want people to think I log their keystrokes. Maybe it’s relevant that I use SDL_GetGlobalMouseState()?

For context macOS 10.15’s Gatekeeper is changing to ask for permissions, see at #5


SDL has some code to do more thorough detection of capslock presses (via Apple’s IOHIDManager APIs) than what the higher level Apple keyboard APIs provide. I wonder if that’s what’s causing it? If so, it should be fairly simple to disable that code in newer macOS versions I think?

That said, I haven’t tried 10.15 myself nor have I looked at that IOHIDManager code too closely, so I could be way off-base.