MacOS X SDL_ttf, SDL_image running problems

When I try to run an application I just built with the development
packages of SDL_ttf and SDL_image for MacOS X I get the following error:

can’t open library:
(No such file or directory, errno = 2)

is there something I have to change when I add the frameworks to project
builder, they’re added with Absolute Path now. When linking I get
loads(=20) of errors like this:

/usr/bin/ld: warning prebinding disabled because (__PAGEZERO segment
(address = 0x0 size = 0x1000) of
overlaps with __TEXT segment (address = 0x0 size = 0x2c000) of

how can i get rid of the /User/hercules path?

If I haven’t used Project Builder before so if I have missed something
obvious I appologise for the bandwidth waste.

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