Made with SDL: Magic Cookies 2! for Android and iOS

Hi everone!

We are incredibly excited to announce Magic Cookies 2, a puzzle game for iOS and Android!

The game is available for iOS and for Android, it works in multiple orientations, on tablets and phones, and supports HighDPI. The official web page contains more screenshots and a video.

We want to thank the people who create, maintain and contribute to SDL, and those who have done so over the years.

The game requires no permissions to run and doesn’t sell any in-game assets, as part of our initiative ‘Safe2Play’.

This is our third self-published mobile SDL game (after Magic Cookies! and Enpuzzled, all written in Haskell).

We currently have four more games at different stages of development. You can follow the development on our website and on social networks (fb, twitter), where we will also post calls for early testers.

Have fun!

Keera Studios

PS. The cats in the main menu are interactive!