Made with SDL: Magic Cookies for Android and iOS

Hi everyone,

We’d like to let everyone know about Magic Cookies for iOS and Android.

Magic Cookies is a puzzle game with 60 levels. Some are very easy, but it gets hard quickly. From what we know, only a handful of people have been able to solve all levels.

magiccookies-haskell-game-2 magiccookies-haskell-game-3

We are currently working on Magic Cookies 2, as well as other games. We hope to start beta testing a new game by the end of this month.

Disclaimer: We actually published this game a few years ago, but didn’t know this forum existed then. We’ve just published a new version for Android and iOS and thought it was a good opportunity to let everyone know that another SDL2 game was in the wild. Apologies if this is seen as inappropriate use of the forum.