Maelstrom played by a bot

That’s intense.

Jonny D

Torsten Giebl wrote:

Very cool.

This reminds me of how inadequate humans are as pilots. I’m surprised how frequently sci-fi movies still depict a future where humans pilot ships/cars for a reason beyond simple fun. Robots are just so much better at piloting than humans, or at least they soon will be. In a general case, this principle applies to many areas. It makes you wonder, in the distant (but not too distant) future when robots have been perfected, what will humans do?

Well that’s obvious, be killed by them of course!

Jonny D

Imagine a world in which advanced robots control all of our cars. Just as that video shows how deft robots can be, so too can our cars be piloted in a deft way. Imagine how insanely “reckless” our cars will appear to be, which can be done safely with a robot pilot calculating (rather than guessing) if something is safe and/or optimal for high speed. The streets of the future will be a blur of high-speed near-collisions.