Missed patches

I have to confess to not having monitored the SDL mailing list very
closely for quite some time (but I’m changing that), and I imagine Sam
has been distracted for the past few weeks, too.

It’s possible that some patches have slipped passed us recently. If you
sent in a good patch and feel like it was completely ignored, please let
me know and I’ll take a look at it.

Some other helpful tips for future patches:

  • If you send your patch in “hg export” format, then your name goes into
    the commit logs (otherwise, I try to put a “thanks to $NAME for this
    patch!” in the commit comments, but it goes into revision control under
    my name). Please set up a real name and email address, and try to make
    the first line of your commit message less than 80 characters, so it
    looks good in the shortlog.

  • http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/QuickStart is a fast read, and
    http://hginit.com/ will teach you everything you need to know about
    Mercurial if you can spare 20 minutes.

  • We’ll take anything: hg exports, patches, or even emails that say “add
    this line below this other one”, but hg exports are the most
    useful…they take a bit more rigid etiquette, though, so we’re flexible.

  • Patches to the mailing list are good, but patches put in Bugzilla are
    better. It means we can’t miss it; even if we’re really busy, it’ll
    still be there when we get time, and it won’t be drowned out in a sea of
    non-patch mailing list discussion. Feel free to mention the bugzilla
    post on the mailing list (and free free to nag about it if you feel it
    isn’t getting attention).