Mix_OpenAudio crashes. How to get debug info from a player?


I have a game that uses SDL 2.0.5. and SDL_Mixer 2.0.1 for music. For one of the players the game crashes on Mix_OpenAudio call. There are about 250 players playing the game and only this one has the problem.

The OS is Windows 10. He has a sound card and it works properly in other games and applications. He says that the system was recently freshly installed.

I’m using the official MSVC DLL’s. I’m only using OGG files to play audio.

I’m initializing SDL with SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING & ~SDL_INIT_HAPTIC) and it succeeds.

I init mixer with: Mix_Init(MIX_INIT_OGG) and it succeeds (the result value is MIX_INIT_OGG).

I call Mix_OpenAudio like this: Mix_OpenAudio(audioFreq, MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT, 2, audioBuffer);

I sent a build to the player that tries different combinations of settings for audioFreq (44100, 22050) and audioBuffer (512, 1024, 2048, 4096) and it always crashes.

I’m not very familiar with MSVC (I’m using it because of Steam integration libs that are MSVC-only).

Is it somehow possible for me to build a debug build, send it to the player, and have him somehow get the backtrace or other useful info that would show where exactly SDL_Mixer crashes, without him having to install MSVC on his machine?