Mixing and streaming compressed audio


I am developing an application with many sound files (hours), so I cant
load all them into memory, and there may even be a problem with
CD-space (using WAVs).

So it seems that the best solution would be to use compression (e.g.
ogg vorbis) and stream the sounds from CD (or maybe HD).
In addition it is necessary to play multiple sounds at the same time (mixing

I have tried up to now

SDL_Sound: provides streaming and compression (e.g. ogg), but no mixing
SDL_mixer: provides mixing, but no streaming and compression only for one
(music) channel

So do I have to write my own version/combination of SDL_Sound+SDL_mixer or
is there
any other solution (LGPL preferred) ?

Currently I am using SDL_mixer and loading the wav-sounds using a separate
thread, so
at least the loading doesnt freeze the application, but if possible I would
like to use

Thomas Eder