Motion blur problem


So I’m trying to create some kind of map with my own spritesheet. The problem is, whenever something inside my window changes its position, it gets kinda blurry(motion blur?)
For example, I used the LazyFoo tutorial -> with my custom textures.
As soon as I move the dot, the background gets kinda blurry. And its probably because of my monitor.(60hz) I already tried another one( 2 at the same time), and the new one worked fine.

My notebook is quite new(6 months old I guess), and I only have this problem when I use the SDL. (Its…“ghosting”? Or something like this?)
I’m kinda hoping I can solve this without buying a new notebook [Laughing]


If you’d like, you can upload your exe-file (with associated textures and such) to a dropbox or similar and I can try to execute the program here on my computer, and we’ll quickly see if it’s something wrong with your monitor(s) or if it’s something in your code causing the blur.

If it’s indeed something in your code causing the blur, I can take a look at it and try to help you solve it.

(I cant edit my text…:/)

Capping the framerate at 60 or using VSync didnt help either

Sorry, can’t seem to get the application to start. Is it compiled on Windows?

Okay, I picked up the code from the tiling tutorial on Lazyfoo’s website and when I move around in the tile level, I get a very small small blur on the tiles whenever the camera is moving with the dot, which is caused by the high velocity.
In my opinion, the very small blur is acceptable.

Is your code a copy-paste of lazyfoo’s code? If that’s the case, we can assume that it’s nothing wrong in your code and that the issue is indeed caused by your monitor(s).
If your code is not a direct copy-paste, and you’ve made some alterations to the original code, then it might be some issue with your movement code or your camera code or such, that might cause a stuttering movement.

Screenshot above. I think its to much. Some parts are almost disappearing.

If I set the velocity very low its working fine, but then its way to slow. :confused:


Yes0 W8.1, otherwise you can use the one from LazyFoo(download at the bottom of the side), but with my sprite sheet. (I get the same blur effect there…)

Thank you!

That’s a lot of blur. I don’t get that much when I execute the application. I blame your monitor.

But…my monitor is working fine. I also play fast games sometimes, without any motion blur. And SDL doesnt work? :confused: