Mouse focus broken on Windows in SVN trunk?


I’m pretty new to SDL, and would normally be starting with the stable branch, but I’m using the SVN trunk because I want tablet pressure events. It appears that mouse focus is broken… when I receive (for example) a SDL_MouseMotionEvent, the ‘windowID’ field is always equal to 0. I thought that I must be making a newbie mistake, but when I looked at the source code in SVN trunk I noticed that:

  1. The mouse focus is apparently only set in SDL_SetMouseFocus()
  2. SDL_SetMouseFocus() is only called on WM_MOUSELEAVE, and it always clears the mouse focus to ‘0’.

I’m guessing that this broke in revision 4027… before this, it seems that SDL_SetMouseFocus() was being called. Can anyone quickly suggest a possible fix, before I have to dive into it myself (I’m fluent with neither SDL nor Win32).