Multi-touch coordinates are not normalized (SDL 2.0.5; Debian)

I’m trying to handle the SDL_TouchFingerEvent (SDL_FINGERMOTION, SDL_FINGERDOWN, SDL_FINGERUP) events from the touch screen, but the tfinger.x/y coordinates are not normalized (as stated in the documentation). Instead I get the real finger location in the local window coordinates (0…1024, 0…768). Is it a bug, or I don’t know something?
Pure XInput-based (without SDL) multitouch works just fine.

SDL 2.0.5
Debian Stretch x86_64
Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch

This is fixed in 2.0.7, which was just released.


So is the following code correct?

SDL_version ver;
SDL_GetVersion( &ver );
if( ( ver.major << 16 ) + ( ver.minor << 8 ) + ver.patch >= 0x20007 )
  xy_normalized = true;      
  xy_normalized = false;