My game named Oxygene

Hi There,

It is good to hear that my game (Oxygene) will be added to the main SDL site.

Some info about my game:
This is my second game written in Delphi/Kylix and SDL 1.2. I used JEDI-SDL (can be downloaded at: to develop my game. The base idea of the game came from Boulder Dash (on Commodore 64) and a very old game (Bubbles) by me (on Commodore Plus/4). I forged these two games and its result is Oxygene.

The game was developed on a P200 with 80 Mb ram and Ensoniq AUDIOPCI and S3Trio64V+. So the game doesn’t need a fast machine to run. It uses 640x480xHiColor (15 or 16 bits colordepth depends on your hardware). In the README.TXT you can found more info how to configure sound/video in commandline.
I made the game on Windows 98 with Delphi and JEDI-SDL, later Dominique Louis helped me to port the game to linux/kylix.

I also used SDL_IMAGE and SDL_MIXER to load graphics and create some sound and music to the game. The music was composed by Zolt?n T?th (worrior at I used SDLUTILS and LOGGER from the JEDI-SDL package. The graphic is based on my SPRITEENGINE (which can be found in JEDI-SDL package).
You can use BASS ( instead of SDL_MIXER on Windows platform if you recompile the game.

For making graphics I used Paint Shop PRO shareware version.

I submitted my game to the SDL Linux Games Competition of Loki Software. There’s no known result yet.

The game and other stuffs for SDL can be downloaded from my homepage ( in a few weeks. Mails may come to: mikrobi at

Best regards,
R?bert Kisn?meth

PS: please reply if you have more questions. And sorry for my lack of English knowledge. I created an other game with JEDI-SDL which can be found on my homepage. Are you interested in it?