My Sonic game needs your help - TransparentColor doesnt disappear!

hello ladies and guys programmers
lastly i wasnt seeing too much the list messages, but?it seems that the members use all SDL but not the same programming language
remember i m from Argentina, i dont speak English every day
well, this is my problem, i use Visual C# with SDL.NET (or SdlDotNet) and for though i set
image = new Surface(“xxxx”);
image.TransparentColor = xxxx;
image.Transparent = true;
some images insist in drawing their TransparentColor when i blit them. Why? I tried even setting the TransparentColor with Color.FromArgb() method
most images do respect their TransparentColor, but someones dont
May someone help me?

another thing: i m developoing a Sonic game, and also have made a Mario, because i like them; is there any place where i can upload them so you can see them (code included) and help me better?

thank you very much


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