NASM Assembly %include .inc files

I would like to know if there as any SDL2 %include .inc files, like %include"" so I can use in a ASM project

As far as I can tell, SDL 1 and 2 do not have assembly bindings at all. I’m pretty sure that you can call SDL from assembly though as this person did so:
Calling SDL from assembly on Windows

Maybe this will help as well:
SDL 2 Hello World NASM ALINK Win32 API

Oh thank you!! Yes I saw the ALink stuff and found alot of examples on the NASM site

Of course you can (you can call anything from assembler code)! My SDL2 app is almost entirely assembler (at least, the x86 builds are), the only significant issue I’ve encountered being the variability between OSes in whether external symbols get an underscore prepended or not. I handle that by assembling with NASM and using the --prefix _ switch when building for Windows but not when building for Linux.

Thats grate to hear im looking forward on playing with NASM and SDL this weekend I played with ASM in the past and thought I would try to get more into it, its like a new world

linking other librarys is what I need but I decided SDL2 and NASM is what I want to do

This link has some good stuff also I saw that the

%include ""

has Avi player,OpenGL,DirectDraw sound stuff and examples :)

I got my SDL window to show on the screen but did it a different way I used extern and import and the sdl2.dll is in my project directory :slight_smile: time to make a game now :slight_smile:

extern SDL_Init
import SDL_Init sdl2.dll

extern SDL_CreateWindow
import SDL_CreateWindow sdl2.dll