Need help on xinput

Hello folks,
I need someone who could help me on my problem I got with my Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows.

The problem is that SDL (CMake) attach 20 or more joysticks. I don’t know why.

The controllers aren’t found they are named always Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows).

Steam recognize my Xbox 360 Controller as:
“030000005e0400008e02000000007801,XInput Controller…”
“030000005e040000a102000000007801,XInput Controller…”

I use the event system, but I doesn’t recognize the detaching.

PS4, Switch and other Controllers work, except those Xbox 360 Wireless and Xbox 360 Wired ones.

The mapping is always wrong at all Xbox 360 controllers too.

I tested also the GamepadTool that use, and this handles my controller also as XInput Controller.
If I replace the dll with the new one and the same problems many Joysticks with the name “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows”.

Thank you.

Additional information. SDL does work. and up not.

I have a lead on what is causing this error.

SDL_JOYSTICK_WGI 1 and SDL_JOYSTICK_RAWINPUT = 1 are doubling this and spit wrong devices.

Btw, I am on Windows 11 22H2 2251.200.

For now I disabled SDL_JOYSTICK_RAWINPUT and SDL_JOYSTICK_WGI. No more help needed, I dig later into this problem.