Needing to include windows.h?

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the latest versions of the different bits of SDL that Sam
posted a few days ago, and found a very weird run-time problem. I’m using VC6 on
WinXP with SP2.

If I build the debug version of my game, it runs perfectly fine. If I build the
non-debug version, though, I no longer get mouse button events… which is a bit
of a problem as my game opens straight to the main menu, but you can’t click the
"quit" option - it requires the task manager to kill it instead.

For a bit of debugging (my game has everything in config files, and I’ve had
some issues loading them because of my typos) I threw in some calls to the Win
SDK function MessageBox, which requires windows.h to be included.

If I leave the windows.h include compiling in, then I get the mouse button
events (but then can’t port my code!).

My code is quite big, so if anyone wants to take a look, I’ll send them a ZIP of
it plus all the config files since the game won’t even get to the point of the
problem without them. It’ll be about 4Mb all told…

Of course, if anyone has an instant fix I’d be grateful…