I’ve been working on this in my spare time for 4 years. :grimacing: I’m finally releasing it into the wild as a beta. I only have 4 levels, although building levels is pretty trivial. You can actually build your own levels if you want. I just haven’t put out any documentation out on it. Also, I’m not ready to try and support it.

I built this as 2 pieces. A Game Library, and the game itself which overrides base stuff and includes any very game specific code. This game is actually 70% built from the library which is very configurable and I’m hoping will speed up dramatically future games

It uses SDL2, box2d, and IMGui.

Anyway, here’s the link. All feedback is welcome. Thanks

Here’s my github

Long Live SDL!

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Congratulations on reaching beta! Will take a look at this when I’m back at my Windows PC :+1:

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