New member

Hi guys!

I’m new here and just wanted to represent my self.
My name is Milan Golubovic, I’m from Serbia (ex YU). I got some coding
experience, most on Amiga. Project after me: “Joyride” game (amiga), "Batty"
game (amiga DE), “Linea” graphic for that game (amigaDE), “Rage hard” game -
texturing object (mac), and “Papyrus office” - porting it to MOS and AmigaOS.
Lately I’m learning PC coding (directX, .net, fox gui and at end SDL. :slight_smile:

SDL looks very attempting - an very easy way for make portable games, so I guess
I’ll stick with it for a while.–
Best regards,
Milan mailto:milan_g at eunet.yu