New SDL mailing lists!

The SDL mailing lists have migrated over to
We’re using the mailman software which will allow you to choose to
receive mailing list digests and has much better list options and
archiving support. All of the SDL mailing list messages have been
fed into the archives so that you can search them now.

You should be automatically subscribed to the new lists if you are
subscribed to the old ones. If you did not receive a welcome e-mail
yesterday, and wish to be subscribed to either list, go to the SDL
mailing list page and read instructions on how to subscribe to the
new lists.

The news to mail gateway at Loki may or may not continue to function,
depending on how difficult it is to migrate over. I recommend that
you join the mailing list, just in case it stops working.

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Software, Inc._______________________________________________
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