New Worldforge release

After several months of development, WorldForge is proud to announce the
release of the second alpha version of “Acorn”, an epic pig herding
This game is a technology demo for UClient, Cyphesis, and Atlas, as well
as an opportunity to display some of the WorldForge artists’ work.

Acorn is a client-server 2D-iso game in the style of various multiplayer
graphical roleplaying games, but where instead of fighting monsters, the
objective is to raise and fatten pigs for sale to the friendly butcher.
He who brings home the most bacon by the end of the game wins!

UClient is build upon libuta/SDL/SDL_mixer and currently runs under
It features an improved user interface and allows intense interactions
with the gameworld using your mouse.
The gameworld itself contains several animated objects, the weather
changes and you hear different environment sounds.

Since Acorn is still in alpha, in addition to the usual flora and fauna
in the game, you may be fortunate enough to encounter some strange and
marvelous bugs and horrid misfeatures. Please describe your findings at
our SourceForge bug tracker:

More information on Acorn is available here:

Sparse information about UClient can be found here:

Binary and source packages can be downloaded from,
the latest source code is always available as anonymouse cvs from–
Karsten-O. Laux