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Carlos Camacho
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uDevGame 2002 - Macintosh Game Programming Contest Opens

Takamatsu City, Japan, August 19, 2002 - iDevGames is proud to announce the
official opening of uDevGame 2002, the second annual Macintosh game creation
competition. Simply write a game that runs natively on an Apple Macintosh
computer and you could win prizes from a prize pool that retails at over

Since its inception, iDevGames has been a stalwart supporter of game
developers who write for the Apple Macintosh platform by providing news,
articles, tutorials, and a forum where advice and ideas can be freely
exchanged. uDevGame was founded to help highlight the talents and abilities
of our readership and the wider Macintosh game development community.

“Last year’s contest was a huge milestone in the history of Macintosh gaming
as well as iDevGames. The contest garnered widespread interest amoung
developers and gamers alike. With this year’s contest on track to becoming a
bigger and better event, it is very exciting to see uDevGame become an
annual institution on the Macintosh platform”, were the words of Carlos
Camacho, iDevGames’ Editor-in-Chief. Last year’s contest contributed more
than 20 new games with source code (available from to the
game development industry, and received great interest from the game
development industry. Some of the winning entries from uDevGame 2001 were
even published in the recently released book Mac Game Programming by Mark

Any game genre is welcomed and entries are permissible from anywhere in the
world. The competition closes on November 17, 2002 and winners will be
announced on December 2, 2002. “The best part about participating in
uDevGame is not the prizes, but the possibility that your entry might end up
on the cover CD of a book or a magazine. Having some sort of publishing
history is vital if you want to enter the Game development business”, said
Sacha Saxer, third place winner of last year’s contest.

More information about the competition and how to enter can be found at
uDevGame 2002’s official home page:

iDevGames would also like to thank and acknowledge the generous support
provided by uDevGame 2002’s sponsors:

  • Ambrosia Software, Inc.
  • Bare Bones Software
  • Big Nerd Ranch, Inc.
  • CH Products
  • Codenautics
  • Electric Image
  • EOVIA Corporation
  • ExpressionTools, Inc.
  • Freeverse Software
  • GarageGames
  • Layout Center
  • McWare USA Corp.
  • Metrowerks Corp.
  • midnite.liteman
  • The Omni Group
  • Pixologic, Inc.
  • Quadmation, Incorporated.
  • REAL Software
  • REALbasic Developer Magazine
  • Stone Design
  • TNT Software
  • STAZ Software
  • Strata Software

Sponsor list with descriptions, links, and prizes:

Companies wishing to become official sponsors are still welcomed. Please
read the press release titled “uDevGame 2002 - Supporting Original Mac Game
Development” ( to learn
what being a sponsor means, and for information on signing up.

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