Here is a demonstration of my simple game engine- if you would like the source, please email me!

This engine has come from a couple month’s spare time- and it will eventually turn into a full fledged game =)

Here’s a little bit of an update:

video here:

The source is included, messy but decent. The controls are ridiculous ->
arrow keys = movement
x = jump
z = increase max xvel
leftclick = drop a block
space+click = bounce block
0,1,2, or 3 = change next block
ctrl+z = undo.
q = delete blocks under mouse.
ctrl + r = respawn

I’ve updated the game… Again.

Same link:

New Video Here :

Well I’ve updated the game to include scrolling next is enemies, aaand I’m wondering. Is there some unwritten law not to post on this section of the forums or something?

no, but it has less posters and responders than the “sdl development” section; good luck I just checked your stuff out it’s interesting so far, nice movement of those things that rain down.

Hahaha I got that =)

Oh if you want to see where it’s going, here’s a video:

It’s a new engine, but I learned a ton from the old one!

Well it’s definitely come a long way from what I saw, what with all the colors and panning! For some reason I can’t help but mention the fact that a Pikachu was on the guy’s head in the earlier versions and that that is no longer the case!