No MP3 support in SDL2_Mixer on OS X

Hi, all. I’m currently porting VCMI project to SDL2. I’m
using SDL_mixer to play MP3 music files. Please note that VCMI uses
original Heroes 3 game data, so MP3 files cannot be converted to OGG. On OS
X SDL_mixer uses smpeg.framework to play MP3 files. The issues is that
prebuilt smpeg.framework in SDL_mixer repo is linked against SDL.framework
(not SDL2) which is obviously not available I’ve found smpeg repo on with hopes to rebuild smpeg.framework using SDL2. To my despair
Xcode project for smpeg is sooo outdated that it even can not be opened by
recent Xcode (4.6.2). I think this issue should be definitely fixed before
releasing SDL2.

Regars, Alexey.


Also, SMPEG is for the full set of MPEG formats, not just mp3/m4a, right? Seems a bit drastic to include that beast just for mp3 playback.------------------------
Nate Fries