No OSS support

I’ve decided to give ALSA a try, after may days of labor, I’ve come to
realize it won’t work - so I gave up… oh and I re-built SDL with ALSA
support. Then I deleted the alsa drivers, utils, and libs and that kind
of stuff. I rebuilt my kernel with sound support (not ALSA), and it
works… When I tried to re-build SDL without ALSA it says there is no
OSS support. I know my kernel supports sound and it works (cat > /dev/audio works)… Now what? Any help would be great,

Oh, almost forgot: I copied a dynamic lib ( to
/usr/lib/ to satisfy Linux’s internal linker and ran
playwave asound.wav, and it worked (playwave is from my current SDL
build with ALSA support)… Thanks again.–
Mark A. Nicolosi