No SDL_TEXTEDITING after pressing Alt key on Linux

I’m totally confused - having this strange issue only on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Jesse OS):
I’m getting SDL_TEXTEDITING events just fine, but as soon as I press/release left or right Alt key on the keyboard, they stop. Doesn’t matter what I press after it. Other keyboard events come in fine, but not this one (which I’m using for text input). This continues until application is restarted.

I’m at wits end, not sure what to try. Same code works without issues on OSX.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I’m having the same issue on a Raspberry Pi with the latest Raspbian Stretch. Text works fine until either Alt key is pressed. Other key events work properly. I wasn’t sure what was causing it until I saw your post, thank you! I’ve used evtest and the keyboard diagnostics built into ioquake3 to verify that the keypresses are being acknowledged. SDL2-2.0.4 works fine, but I tested on 2.0.7 and SDL-65634e8189f0 and they both exhibit the issue. I would appreciate any suggestions as well.

Edit: Bug report created:

Pressing either CTRL key also seems to stop SDL_TEXTINPUT with 2.0.8 on the Raspberry Pi. The key modifier value returned seems to be different between 2.0.4 and 2.0.8. You might try testing with 2.0.4 to see if it helps your issue. The updated bug report has details.

The issue has been fixed. Thanks!