NSAutoreleasePool and Threading OpenGL on Mac OS X

I created a separate thread to handle ALL graphical operations in my
program, as it is my understanding many SDL routines are not
thread-safe, and I assume that the same can be said for OpenGL (in
fact I’ve heard it’s not portable to Windows to invoke OpenGL routines
from any thread but the main thread, but I am a little skeptical that
those are the exact semantics actually in place; but that’s another

My program runs fine, however I get a slew of messages like this:

2006-09-24 06:19:00.711 program[509] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool():
Object 0x5801d0 of class NSView autoreleased with no pool in place -
just leaking

The timestamps, addresses, and classnames change. I think if anything
is significant it’s the class name. Here is a list of class names for
each error message printed in the format above at the beginning of my

NSMutableParagraphStyle NSCFDictionary __NSFontTypefaceInfo
NSAffineTransform NSFont NSFont NSCFString _NSCachedBitmapImageRep
NSImage _NSCachedBitmapImageRep NSImage _NSThemeCloseWidget NSFont
NSCFString _NSCachedBitmapImageRep NSImage _NSCachedBitmapImageRep
NSImage _NSThemeWidget NSFont NSCFString _NSCachedBitmapImageRep
NSImage _NSCachedBitmapImageRep NSImage _NSThemeWidget NSView
SDL_QuartzWindowDelegate NSIdEnumerator NSCFString NSCFString
NSCFArray NSCFString NSCFArray NSPathStore2 NSPathStore2 NSPathStore2
NSCFData NSSurface NSCFArray NSCFString NSCFArray NSPathStore2
NSPathStore2 NSBundle NSPathStore2 NSCFString NSPathStore2
NSPathStore2 NSConcreteData NSCFArray NSCFArray NSCFNumber NSView

Version information:

Mac OS X: 10.4.7
gcc version 4.0.0 20041026 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 4061)
Pre-built SDL 1.2.11 from libsdl.org

Thanks in advance