Nuklear with SDL2 Renderer?

Dear SDL-community,

I was curious on whether it is possible to use Nuklear ( with the SDL2-renderer?
I think that is not the case as it is not providing enough drawing capabilities?

I heard the API is supposed to stay simple, but when I would use OpenGL for it it would kinda defeat the purpose of abstracting the rendering API.

Does anyone here know something about this?

Thanks for your time : )

Like the (partial) one proposed on the Nuklear issue tracker?

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Thanks, so I guess it is really not possible : (
So I fear I need to roll my own, switching to OpenGL defeats the purpose of picking SDL2 for me.

Nuklear has been used with SDL_gpu successfully. It’s a pretty nice UI system.

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Interesting to know! Sadly SDL_gpu does not support Metal and thus is a bit of counterproductive to use if a part of your community uses Apple-devices.
Not sure if it could use but that seems to be a good future investment to make.
Thanks for the suggestion though : )