Michael West wrote:

You also
need to do some script hacking to get it to load the OSS-compatibility
stuff. otherwise it cannot set the mixer. my fix was rather err device
dependant :wink:

Actually, you can set the mixer using alsamixer, unmute the
appropriate mixers and set the levels, save them with a
’/usr/sbin/alsactl store’, and then add something like:

post-install snd-card-XXXX /usr/sbin/alsactl restore

to /etc/conf.modules, replacing ‘snd-card-XXXX’ with the top level
sound driver module. This automagically sets the mixers whenever the
driver is loaded. And if you spend a little bit of time with
conf.modules, you can have the driver load on demand.

But this has nothing to do with SDL, except that ALSA works rather
well with SDL-Mixer… :slight_smile: