On files and what do ya folks think of this?

Well, SDL-mpeg has a bug… If a file is -currently- being downloaded
rather than follow the file as it comes in, it plays as if the file were
the length of when the file was first openned.

hrm… I dinna know how many of y’all think o’ stuff like this… but WHY
does it have this problem?

Also AFAIK SDL-mpeg won’t read from stdin… but I haven’t tested that
in a while.

Now normally I’d just pester the wonderful Loki folks about this but I
figure I ask - does anyone pay attention to this kind of thing?

G’day, eh? :slight_smile:
- Teunis

PS: yes indeed that quicktime thing I’m working on is going through
a 100% rewrite now (mostly 'cause I’m attempting to add Quicktime/VR +
multilanguage and multitrack stuff that the ‘standard’ linux-quicktime is
missing. Also a better CODEC system :slight_smile:
… and it -does- support this condition. Or more precisely while it does
read a file on openning it doesn’t rely on that information although it
recovers nicely if the length changes at any point :slight_smile: