Open-source fantasy role-playing game project looking for programmers

“Legacy - the Open Virtual World Project” is an ambitious game
project that aims to create a big, believable, and complex virtual world

that is to be the setting for an epic fantasy story.

Our targetted features are:

  • open-source and free
  • cross-platform development for Linux and Windows
  • 3D graphics based on OpenGL (port to Direct3D possible)

Please note that Legacy/OVWP is NOT a massively multiplayer game project-
the emphasis in our project is on story (although our architecture
to sufficiently abstract interaction so that multiplayer could be added
follow-up projects).

Our project has only just begun, and is now in need of programmers
well acquainted with OpenGL to make a start.

Our plan is to implement a graphics library as a first step, then to use

that to create a “construct” that will evolve to become our world

Our whole project is divided into many working groups (called
"subprojects"), meaning that while the programmers are working on the
technical part, other members will be working to provide the “content” -

story, 3D models, graphics, music, etc.

We are aware that there are many open source projects out there
for the attention of programmers. However, if the fantasy genre appeals
you, and you always wanted to create a game - which is too big a task
nowadays for a single person -, this project could be the one for you.
though we cannot give any guarantee of success, we do offer our
and our server (built for and dedicated to this project) for the next 20

months at the very least.

Please, visit our web site for more information -
and of
course to register as a member if you choose to!

Thank you

Jean-Pierre Gygax (aka JPNotADragon)

------- P.S. After registering, please allow up to 24 hours before
posting rights to our discussion forums. It shouldn’t take longer than
that, though.

------- I apologize if you feel this message was inappropriate in your
newsgroup. If so, please drop me an email so that I can use the right
for future messages.

Unless that you want to code all on your own ( like me ) you should
use CristalSpace for the 3D engine and WorldForge for the RPG system.