OpenGL and window related questions

We are thinking of using SDL in our project and did a quick review of the API in the latest version (the one in the mercurial repository). We are very happy with all the features offered by the library and would like to ask some questions about it:

  • is there a way to create a child window of a window? I have seen no way of doing this in the library. (win32, X server and also Cocoa all have support for child windows)
  • is there any reason why there is no way for sharing resources between the GL contexts? (both wgl and glx support this at context creation time);
  • currenlty only the MAJOR and MINOR version attributes are passed to the context creation function. consequently there is no way of asking for a compatibility profile, forward compatible or debug profile (all of these are exposed by the ARB_create_context extension which is currently used for SDL_CreateContext);

thank you in advance for your help!