OpenGL context flags

SDL 2.0 supports setting OpenGL context flags in the latest snapshot:

Special thanks to Alistair Lowe, Matthias Bentrup, and Martin Schreiber for
their work on this.

Here’s the patch, so you can see the API changes and the effect they have:

Issues should be noted on this bug:


Hello Sam,

I just noticed that some flags, e.g. for debug context, are also useful on pre-3.x contexts, so maybe


  • if (_this->gl_config.major_version < 3) {
  • if (_this->gl_config.major_version < 3 &&
  •   _this->gl_config.context_profile_mask == 0 &&
  •   _this->gl_config.context_flags == 0) {

would make sense in WIN_GL_CreateContext and X11_GL_CreateContext.