OpenGL + sdl_windowid on win32

Hello everybody,

I’ve been trying to get OpenGL to work embedded in another
application’s window (via de SDL_WINDOWID environment variable) on
Windows XP. On Linux there was no problem with doing this, everything
just worked fine together.

At first I failed miserably, it seemed that OpenGL on win32 just
didn’t get along with sdl_windowid. Looking at the code, the call to
SetPixelFormat (in video/wincommon/SDL_wingl.c) always failed when it
was invoked on another process’ window. So to get this to work, I had
to modify the windib driver a wee tick to create a child window right
on top of the one we were meant to use.

Was there something I should have known before that would have saved
me all the fuss? Should it have worked from the beginning?–
Anthony Lenton
Except -