OpenGL Textures from SDL_Surfaces (A Question in

Bruno Mart?nez <br1> writes:

Seems familiar. When writing the code, whenever I did something wrong,
that was what happened.

Maybe you could use GLIntercept to debug it. I used gDEBugger.

GLIntercept? gDEBugger? I’ve not heard of either of those… I must
investigate! thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know. I use Windows.

Thanks for code, maybe I just have something incorrect somewhere
else… Any
thoughts? …Oh here is a stupid idea… My xserver is currently
running at
16bpp I’ll have to go change it to see if that is the problem (I’ll have
pleanty of choice words for the computer if that is the case)

I tried 16bpp here without problems. It’s a different OS, though.

I can always try it on windows (I need to work on my windows port anyway)
But, that raises another question.

In the code you showed me, you leave the bpp at
0, letting sdl use the current desktop bpp, correct?
When I adjusted my default desktop bpp to 24, your program worked.

Mine… did sick strange twisted things
(tearing, flickering, extreme slowness)
But that was only when I realized I was having SDL ask for a 16 bpp window.

I tinkered with setting up a 32bit window.
But shouldn’t I be setting the GL attributes?
(the results without it was what I described earlier, the tearing and such)

Issues like this sort of takes the fun out of programming for me…
forget the joy of troubleshooting,
I do that enough at work, it should just work! heh, ah well

Thanks again for the reply,