OS X, PBuffer, FSAA

A couple of quick questions. I’m using 1.2.9 stable on OS X.

FSAA support for full-screen OpenGL contexts appears to be broken, it
always fails. Is this fixed in a branch I could grab?

I’ve seen the 1.3 branch. Is this still based on 1.2.6 or on the new
1.2.9, and will the pbuffer routines make it into the next release? If
1.3 was based off of the current stable, had FSAA working, then that
would be something I’d like to use.

[>] Brian


Try removing this flag when setting up full screens mode:
NSOpenGLPFANoRecovery I consider this to be a band-aid only and not a
real fix.

I’ve asked a similar question a few months back and then again a
month ago on both this and the Apple OpenGL list without response.
While I’m not happy we have this problem I am slightly that I’m not
the only one who noticed this. The link to my latest inquiry is:

Good luck.