OSX SDL2 install

This is my first OSX attempt at development. So bear with me.

I chose to not to install Xcode but instead I have installed VScode as my IDE. Clang appeared to have come with Mojave.

I have downloaded the SDL2.0.9.dmg and opened that and then dragged SDL2.framework into /Library/Frameworks.

I then changed into /Library/Frameworks/SDL2.frameworks and issued the command :

codesign -f -s SDL2

However my helloworld-sdl2.c can’t find any headers or link against the library and I can’t find sdl-config anywhere.

Are there any OSX devs out there that can steer me in the right direction?

So I downloaded both the runtime dmg and the dev dmg and both have the same md5.


Looking inside there appears to be only one executable and that is SDL2. I can’t spot any libraries or other executables such as sdl-config.

Have I downloaded the correct thing?