(OT) C++ portability (was 'Re: Portability')

What I exactly want to know now is in what cases C++ is
"slightly" less
portable than C, because C++ seems to be definitely my
choice (I have
dedicated to it a lot of time in the last year).

Well, I guess I’ve been lucky, not having any really serious
trouble with
this, but run time type checking is one ANSI standard
(proposal?) you won’t
find implemented everywhere, or may find in various mutated forms.

RTTI is an ‘old’ ANSI feature that most serious C++ compilers implement

If there’s lack of ANSI standard features in C++ compilers you’ll find them
mostly in these areas :

Advanced template fucntionality (Partial Specialization of templates, Member
templates, …)
Special keywords : (mutable, typename )
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