OT: C vs. C++ Re: ANNOUNCE: ParaGUI 1.0 final

Es schrieb Carsten Burstedde:

I know some projects that export a “C” API of their project being
implemented in C++ - the difference is the name-mangling, which
you can switch off in your C++ compiler using [extern “C”] with
a global function.

thanks Guido for code example and discussion. Maybe I should try these C/C++ bindings
some time to see it working.

I basically agree with everything. (I think that for libraries C should be the norm and C++
the exception. And I modified several GTK widgets myself and saw that it is not easy.)

de nada.
well, 'hope you did spot the two little errors in the example code oops,
anways, it seems I am also one of those who don’t like C++, alteast not
in the form that it is today - once I’ve even gone that far to develop
a gcc patch to bring the inheritance feature of C++ into C, and there it
was, that’s enough to shrink common gtk code to 40% of its original, and
no need for any extra c++ runtime overhead. But sadly I don’t have time
to maintain the patch and make it a real gcc option somehow - not enough
time, like everyone of us sigh.

have fun,
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