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“Frank J. Ramsay” wrote:

Just a slight bit of idle speculation, now do people think SDL would
perform with Java language binding? I’m asking because Borla… err
Inprise today released the demo of JBuilder for Linux. This move puts
their Java IDE on Windows, Solaris, and Linux Actually is should run on
any system with Java 2 (jdk1.2.2) because it’s written in Java.
I doubt it would be usefull for high performance games, but for simpler
games it would probably work fine.
As I said, idle specualtion (while the software downloads).

Off topic response.

In general, native bindings for high performance should not pass
arrays (textures, images, sounds) through JNI unless explicitely
requested (for Java side modification). Call overhead for native
methods with primitive type signatures is not nice, but doable.
If you put your render API at the right level of abstraction, you
will be fine (but SDL alone might not be enough).

With respect to Sun/Inprise, I personally have zero interest in
SCSL software. Further, Sun is trying to leverage copyright on
printed and online published Java2 specifications as a means to
prevent clean room implementations (that’s why Kaffe and Japhar
won’t touch Java2 any time soon). This strategy will be put to the
test in the MS/Java lawsuit (and personally I hope MS wins, because
we all have a lot to loose here), and it seems the reason Sun bails
out of all standardization processes (which, obviously, can’t be
based on publishing specs nobody is allowed to implement).

IBM’s JDK 1.1.8 looks much more promising at this point.

If you are interested to pursue the matter further, please contact
me offline. I recommend the archives of the debian-java mailing list.


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